Kubernetes Diagnostic Consulting



KDC goes beyond detecting and resolving misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

The service brings together deep knowledge of a CNCF certified team combined with the best open source tools on the market to detect, resolve, and create protective policies.

Why is it so important to maintain your Kubernetes clusters free of vulnerabilities?


Respondents to 2023 Red Hat report had at least one security incident in the past 12 months


Respondents to 2023 Red Hat report experienced revenue or customer loss due to a container/Kubernetes security incident


Respondents to State of Kubernetes 2023 (vmware) reported that the top Kubernetes security concern is misconfigurations/exposures


Respondents to Cloud Native Microsurvey said their organizations intend to focus efforts on enforcing organizational policies such as “no critical vulnerabilities”

By identifying vulnerabilities, organizations can reduce the risk of incidents and data breaches and protect their critical infrastructure and data.

A comprehensive solution where Kubernetes expertise meets the best open source tools

Serviços técnicos de Kubernetes

We detect

We use the latest open source tools, such as Marvin, Popeye, and Trivy combined with Zora, to safeguard your Kubernetes clusters. We provide expert assistance for creating custom checks using Common Expression Language (CEL). Our experienced team will collaborate with you to define and implement tailored checks, ensuring that your Kubernetes environments meet your unique security and compliance requirements.

Serviços técnicos de Kubernetes

We resolve

We offer specialized hands-on services to address any issues and vulnerabilities identified in the previous step.

Serviços técnicos de Kubernetes

We prevent

To prevent these issues and vulnerabilities from recurring, we offer custom admission controller development service. We configure validation rules and policies (policy-as-code) to ensure only secure resources and configurations are deployed to your Kubernetes environments, strengthening your security from the start.

Ready to fortify your Kubernetes environments?

Ready to fortify your Kubernetes environments?

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