Professional Services


Professional Services

Get specialized hands-on experience from the Getup team with our Professional Services package. This is available as an additional Kubernetes Support service. Our team is ready to assist during high demand times, including activities that are outside the scope of Kubernetes and challenges of greater complexity.

Professional Services

Learn more about the situations in which our extra hours of Professional Services can be utilized:

Activities within the scope of Kubernetes, that require direct intervention by the Getup team in your K8s environment

Hands-on intervention by Getup professionals for the resolution of problems into your environments for clients of PRO or PRO24x7 Kubernetes Support plans requires purchase of the Professional Services package, with a flexible number of hours, according to the needs and demands of each client. Activities available in this situation include:

  • Creation of clusters;

  • Addition and removal of nodes;

  • Resolution of alerts;

  • Updating of certificates;

  • Issue resolution;

  • ...and more

Activities outside the scope of Kubernetes

Even with the Kubernetes Support REMOTE OPS plan, it is possible that direct intervention from the GETUP team may be required for activities outside the scope of Kubernetes. If this is the case, you can add a Professional Services package to address these specific demands. Some examples include:

  • Migration of applications;

  • General Architecture consulting;

  • DevOps practices;

  • Creation of CI/CD pipelines;

  • Installation or integration of new tools;

  • Troubleshooting with other vendors;

  • Identification of potential cost reductions;

  • Analysis of resource utilization;

  • Participation in war-rooms;

  • ..and more

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