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Suporte para Kubernetes

With our Kubernetes Support service, you'll have access to the best CNCF-certified professionals available helping you to optimize your Kubernetes operation.

How do Getup's support plans work?


With the STARTER plan, we offer on-demand consultation for troubleshooting in your Kubernetes environments, with support during business hours and unlimited tickets.

Advice for tool integration

Support in managing application lifecycle.

Support and advice for troubleshooting

Advice on best practices


PRO 8x5

If you're looking for more than consultation, upgrade to our PRO plan and get on-demand support to resolve any maintenance-related issues in your K8s environment. Here we take action to fix things.

PRO 24x7

Our plan for mission-critical environments. Getup provides consultation and intervention for problem resolution*, on-demand and available 24x7.


Remote Ops

Full support for Kubernetes environments.

With Remote Ops, you have Cloud Native Computing Foundation-certified professionals working actively to operate, monitor, and maintain your Kubernetes environments. In addition to support, the plan also includes technical support for your teams for assistance in the evolution of applications.

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Support On-Demand during business hours/days

* For PRO8x5 and PRO24x7 plans, Getup support involves the contracting of a flexible amount of Professional Services hours, according to the needs and demands of each customer.

For REMOTE OPS plan, there is no need to contract a Professional Services hours package, but it is recommended in cases where the Getup team needs to perform activities outside the scope of Kubernetes support. Click here to learn more.

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