Kubernetes Professional Services

 Professional Services

Kubernetes Professional Services

Do you need us to step in and provide services directly to your Kubernetes environment?

Getup has a package of hours, to be utilized for specific cases, such as cluster updates, troubleshooting, and implementations that require our expertise.

With Professional Services you have the autonomy to control your hours and call us when necessary.

Serviços para kubernetes / Arquitetura cloud native

How Kubernetes Professional Services hours package can be utilized?

  • Containerization of applications;

  • Consultation for cloud native architecture;

  • Elaboration of workshops addressed with real challenges to the teams;

  • Migration of containerized applications;

  • Integration of new cloud native tools;

  • Creation of continuous delivery pipelines;

  • Creation of custom dashboards to monitor application metrics;

  • Configuration of Admission Controllers;

  • QoS of Applications to better utilize resources;

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