The challenge

To support the digital presence, Melissa has been steadily increasing its investments on a global website portal. Today, it has millions of unique visitors and more than 60 millions requests every month.

The website was running on AWS and using traditional EC2 virtual machines. The main concerns were the developer’s productivity due to operational overhead to keep things running, and the complexity to update the applications involved, holding back the strategy and speed of changes. “We all know how important is to be fast these days” says Marco Anu, COO of Transa Inc.


The solution

The use of containers to develop and run the applications was a no brainer decision, the benefits were too great to be ignored. Yet, the complexity involved in managing a containerized production environment and also in tying it up with the continuous integration and continuous delivery tools would cost too much if done internally, which would end up overshadowing the benefits.

Transa chose Getup because it was the only platform that allowed their developers to leverage their existing applications with none or just small changes and to plug with existing developing and delivering tool sets. Getup Platform fully hosted, monitored and managed version was the choice to remove the operational overhead, freeing up the developers from mundane tasks.


The continuous delivery strategy created using the already established tools brought automation in code tests and deployment of new features, delivering fast, consistent and reliable changes in production. The platform increased the site availability, the new architecture runs services and components in multiple replicas, distributed across multiple servers and datacenter zones (Availability Zones).

Although reducing costs was not the main target at the time, by running the applications using containers on Getup Platform, we saw a 60% drop in infrastructure costs.

the digital aspect is vitally important to all of our relationship strategies with our fans, be it a business or content relationship, or simply a way for our clients to access the brand universe

Paulinho Pedó

Transa Inc, a Brazilian based company that delivers brand intelligence, experience design and branded content, initially connected with Melissa to develop its new official website. The real opportunity, however, proved to be the redesign of the brand’s entire digital strategy, connecting Melissa with its massive and loyal fan base through Transa Inc very own methodology: the Triple C (Content + Community + Commerce). Transa Inc then developed a platform driven by an organic and immersive Feed, updated everyday single day and connected to the brand’s social media and online store.

The Getup Platform proved to be the perfect choice as the foundation for development and to run Melissa’s applications, allowing Transa Inc to focus on the most important thing: continuously work on new content and features to potentialize Brazil’s most beloved love brand.

About Melissa

Founded in 1979, Melissa is an iconic global footwear brand. Sophisticated, stylish and eco-friendly, it is present in more than 80 countries. Melissa’s wide international presence has made it one of the world’s largest footwear manufacturers

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About Transa INC

Brand Intelligence. Experience Design. Branded Content.

Transa catalyzes change with global brands like Melissa, Coca-Cola, Coza and Brazilian Leather.

We make the infrastructure invisible

It is not the infrastructure that defines who wins, it is what you build on top of it and at what speed. At Getup, we believe that software development can be a differentiating factor in companies and in people’s lives.

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