CWS counts on Getup as a strategic partner for e-commerce during Black Friday

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Eduardo MaiaCWS Development Manager

During Black Friday we will have thousands of people simultaneously using e-commerce applications, and we are giving assistance to them. With Kubernetes orchestration, you can handle spikes in access with high availability, resiliency, and flexibility. In more remote times, this would have been impossible.

For some years now, Black Friday has become one of the single most important events for various retail segments in Brazil. With an ever-increasing consumption of products and services in the digital environment, keeping shopping platforms functioning and able to meet high volume access demands during the discount season became a major challenge for companies. CWS, responsible for providing e-commerce and marketplace for more than three thousand stores, expects a 500% increase in demand this year for Black Friday and is backed by Kubernetes technology, as a strategic ally, to handle e-commerce with customers.

This significant increase requires providing computer resources to ensure availability, as well as security and agility of the platform that operates sales to its clients. To answer these questions, which also relate to business on a smaller scale everyday, CWS has invested in container technology, orchestrated by Kubernetes and supervised by the Getup team, company partner to assist with this.

Considering expectations, “safety” is the value that, for Eduardo, best expresses the work that Getup has been developing together with their Technology team. He says that he takes comfort in having Getup's support for his Kubernetes environments, both in the critical moments, such as Black Friday, and also on day to day issues.

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