Modernization of applications: How Creditas is advancing on its cloud native journey

Reduction of operating costs, an increase in agility for implementing new projects, and improvement of the customer experience are just some of the advantages that have justified a modernization of applications by companies seeking to stand out in the digital environment.

However, an upgrade to cloud computing doesn’t happen overnight. It is a journey that involves a series of reflections, such as level of criticality of applications, company culture, business goals, in agreement between different company areas, availability of finances, and workforce qualification to operate in the new environment.

In accordance with these questions, Kubernetes, an open source technology for the orchestration of applications in containers, is a strategic foundation for companies to achieve high levels of efficiency via the modernization of applications.

Benefits of the platform - Standardization of use of infrastructure to support multi-cloud strategies, a high level of automation for unparalleled efficiency in operation, self-service infrastructure format, which allows more agility and autonomy for development teams, more efficient consumption of infrastructure, which brings cost reduction and the easy gain of scale to keep up with the growth of service users or seasonal peaks - making it the right choice.

The VP comments that “95% of Creditas' applications are in containers and 80% of them run on Kubernetes”. Although almost all can be found in cloud computing, due to criticality, fintech preserves 5% running on virtual instances in AWS. However, these are in the process of being migrated to containers as well.

Modernization of applications is a reality at Creditas, but André understands that buy-in for the corporation is still a major challenge for most companies, even if gains with Kubernetes - reduction in average time to restore systems, agility in deploys, increased autonomy and productivity of development teams, and fewer occurrences of incidents - justify its adoption, there is difficulty in making them tangible in the short term with business revenue.

Once updated technologies are adopted, the VP believes that they are an attraction to retain and hire new talent. This is the case for Creditas, which has more than 600 professionals in the Technology area alone, 20 of whom are SREs, with an in-depth knowledge of Kubernetes.

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