Success Stories - Banco Rendimento accelerates Pix project with Kubernetes

Performance and innovation: Banco Rendimento accelerates Pix project with Kubernetes

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Josmar PeixaArchitecture and Solution Manager at Banco Rendimento

Getup sees the customer journey as their journey. They are very committed and do masterful work. From implementation of Kubernetes on Azure and now with Pix, Getup has worked with us as tutor while also making sure we have our autonomy.

Banco Rendimento, who operates in the Middle Market segment, have extended their contract with Getup this year also to assist an unprecedented new instantaneous financial transaction system launched by the Brazilian Central Bank, Pix project, in a Kubernetes environment. With involvement of around 20 professionals from the corporation's Technology area and the Getup team, Pix at Banco Rendimento is taking firm steps towards its market launch, scheduled for November 16th.

The choice for Getup was motivated by Getup’s proven competence on other bank projects, such as implementation of Kubernetes environments to run new web applications, and APIs for payment and consultation of checking accounts.

Getup is the only company in Brazil completely focused on and specialized in providing Kubernetes services. Kubernetes is an open-source technology for the orchestration of applications into containers. This reduces the overall workload for company employees, and also delivers a totally unique experience regardless of Infrastructure.

Architecture with Kubernetes increases companies’ performance levels while also allowing DevOps to work more productively. The platform allows automatic, flexible, and well-executed scaling of applications. This allows more speed for projects and economizes work hours and the consumption of computational resources.

”It would be impossible to say there aren’t many benefits to utilizing Kubernetes. With it, we’ve gone from about 60 up to 1,100 builds per month. In addition to all the before mentioned benefits, it is a safe technology that offers many configuration options that a company can use to protect its environment”, says Josmar Peixe.

Getup team is grateful for Banco Rendimento's trust in its work we’re proud to be with hem, especially for the debut of this revolutionary new financial service in Brazil.

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