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Armando ReisIT Manager at Americanas S.A

Getup brings good practices in Kubernetes. It is a company that empowers us, giving us autonomy to operate the platform ourselves as well.



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Mandaê migrates applications to the Kubernetes environment with Getup

Mandaê is a logistics company that delivers e-commerce products in an innovative way via contracted carriers. With no transportation costs or goods, Mandaê travels the entire country delivering logistics with a competitive advantage.

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Modernization of applications: How Creditas is advancing on its cloud native journey

Reduction of operating costs, an increase in agility for implementing new projects, and improvement of the customer experience are just some of the advantages that have justified a modernization of applications by companies seeking to stand out in the digital environment.

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CWS counts on Getup as a strategic partner for e-commerce during Black Friday

For some years now, Black Friday has become one of the single most important events for various retail segments in Brazil. With an ever-increasing consumption of products and services in the digital environment, keeping shopping platforms functioning and able to meet high volume access demands during the discount season became a major challenge for companies. CWS, responsible for providing e-commerce and marketplace for more than three thousand stores, expects a 500% increase in demand this year for Black Friday and is backed by Kubernetes technology, as a strategic ally, to handle e-commerce with customers.

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Performance and innovation: Banco Rendimento accelerates Pix project with Kubernetes

Banco Rendimento, who operates in the Middle Market segment, have extended their contract with Getup this year also to assist an unprecedented new instantaneous financial transaction system launched by the Brazilian Central Bank, Pix project, in a Kubernetes environment. With involvement of around 20 professionals from the corporation's Technology area and the Getup team, Pix at Banco Rendimento is taking firm steps towards its market launch, scheduled for November 16th.

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