About Us

About Us

About Us

Getup does for you what Kubernetes doesn’t

Kubernetes already does a lot for your company, and Getup will do the rest. We live and breathe Kubernetes, and offer your company all the knowledge and expertise needed to work with it. We are a company specialized in Kubernetes, and dedicated to innovation. Let’s work together to achieve your business goals!


Make infrastructure invisible

Our essence:

Central principles of our work ethic:
Getup - Kubernetes

Excellency in Kubernetes

We are authorities in Kubernetes. We live and breathe technology, we constantly update our knowledge, and we are CNCF certified.

We solve problems

We work hard to find the solutions that will allow our clients to rest assured concerning their environments.


We truly believe that great results are achieved with hard work. We value quality of time, not quantity.

User First

We listen to customer needs: what’s best for them, is also best for us.

Team Spirit

We aim for our employees to be satisfied and proud members of the Getup team. Our work environment is one that is open to sharing experiences and opinions. Our work environment is relaxed and easy going.


We try new things all the time. We don’t hide in the comfort zone.

Focus on Essential

We don’t get caught up in distractions and resolve our client’s problems with surgical precision. We focus on and prioritize what is essential.

Work-Life Balance

We encourage healthy habits that improve your mental and physical well-being. Be inspired by and inspire your colleagues through activities outside of work.

Positive Example

We value respect, empathy, organization, collaboration and efficiency. Be the person you would like to work together with.