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Get to know your Kubernetes clusters inside out!

Meet Zora, the new product created by Undistro, that helps you keep your Kubernetes clusters healthy and safe by scanning for potential issues and vulnerabilities.

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We're now official Latin America Partners with Tigera




We also have a partnership with Teleport

Consultoria em Kubernetes - Companies and Kubernetes

Companies are adopting Kubernetes and cloud native solutions at a rapid pace to scale their operations, increase performance, and optimize deployment of their applications...


... a lack of experienced professionals with skills to operate, integrate, and offer support for Kubernetes is a huge concern and a big challenge for IT leaders.

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Getup has a team of professionals who are certified and specialized in Kubernetes

We work to understand your goals and challenges and to deliver solutions that will unleash the full potential of your cloud native environments.

A Certified professional team

A Certified 
professional team

We utilize the best tools available on the market

Observability and security

Getup + Tigera

We have a partnership with Tigera for Calico Enterprise

Our Operations team has deep knowledge of Calico enterprise,the leading observability tool for hybrid and multi-cloud environments with containers and kubernetes. Saiba mais.

Getup + Aqua

Our official partnership with Aqua improves security services to the Kubernetes environment

Keep your application protected at all times: from development to production.
Getup + Teleport

We also have a partnership with Teleport

Using teleport, our team can safely access our customers’ environments and offer end-to-end encryption, segmentation and auditing in a single solution, without the need for using a VPN.

Our team has expertise in the most popular and reliable observability tools on the market

GrafanaAlert ManagerDatadog

CI/CD Pipeline

What’s more, we accelerate your deliveries, using an efficiency oriented approach, via best Gitops and CI/CD practices


We work with all providers and also with on-premises infrastructure. We won’t judge


Beyond technology

Why should you choose us?

A range of personalized services and support

Our services are designed to allow the customer to only pay for what they need.

Largest accumulated experience in the market.

We’ve been around since the birth of Kubernetes. Our team has developed and grown together alongside the evolution of Kubernetes. We have the best K8s experience on the market.

Certified professionals

Besides experience, our team has all of the Kubernetes certifications, provided by CNCF.

Companies that trust us:

Hospital Albert Einstein
Clube de Autores
Get Ninjas
Porto Itapoa
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