Getup sign a partnership agreement with Calico Enterprise from Tigera
GetupThu Apr 07 2022

Getup sign a partnership agreement with Calico Enterprise from Tigera

Getup sign a partnership agreement with Calico Enterprise from TigeraCalico Enterprise is a pioneering project for Security and Observability

Security and Observability are the most important pillars to manage Kubernetes in mission-critical environments. Some main challenges of this management are the visibility of systems and applications, and health and safety of environments.

Looking closely at this scenario, Getup has entered a new strategic partnership with Tigera, an American cloud-native application company, offering Calico Enterprise to the market. Calico is a self-managed Security and Observability solution for hybrid and multi-cloud environments that utilize containers and Kubernetes.

Calico Enterprise is a leader in their segment and also a complete network platform that works with the Zero Trust Network architecture concept. The product’s main features include: distribution of applications between different clusters and clouds, creation of defense alerts, data plane connections and increase in layers of security with active scans.

“Calico Enterprise is a Kubernetes-native solution designed to respond to the unforeseen demands for Security and Observability in productive environments. Many vulnerabilities or problems are only discovered when they are already creating a negative impact on the company’s services. And this is far from ideal. Our Operations team has deep knowledge of the tool and is ready to support companies that want to raise the security level of their Kubernetes environments. ” — Diogo Goebel, CEO of Getup.

“ As we see a growing number of companies and financial institutions in Brazil adopting containers and kubernetes that uses our open source Calico solution for networking and security, we are convinced that the best way to support them will be with this strategic partnership that we have established with GetUp given their ample expertise and domain knowledge in the field. ”- Sergio Toro Gomez, Channel Manager of Tigera.

With full confidence in Calico Enterprise’s high quality of services, Getup celebrates bringing Tigera as a partner onboard to help companies fulfill their Observability and Security challenges and also to grow their business performance.

To learn more about Tigera.

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